Cancer Support Services Newsletters

Issue 3

In this edition:

Finding A New Normal
Upcoming Events
Healthy Eating With Cancer
June 2010 Changed My Life and Views on Health and Living…
So what can an individual do to feel safe during this time?
PEMF Enhances the Immune System
Creative Closure

Issue 2

In this edition:

Upcoming Events
The Patient at the Core of Care
Healing God’s Style
Supplements for Pressure Sores
Hunte, Squires & Reifer Families Make a Donation
Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis
On the Cusp of Life and Death
15 Ways to Live in Vitality Well into Your Nineties
Look Better Feel Better
International Men’s Day Initiative

Issue 1

In this edition:

A Message From Our President
A Guide to Dealing with Fatigue in Cancer Treatment
How Counseling Benefitted Me
How the Palliative Care Nursing Enrichment Programme is beneficial
PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy
Healthy and Unhealthy Fats
Counseling and Pastoral Care: A Safe Mind Space to Recuperate