Some of the Services We Provide

  • Grief Counselling for those persons diagnosed with cancer to help families come to grips with this new challenge.
  • Provide emotional and spiritual support and enrichment programmes through The Victorious Ladies Support Group as well as a Buddy System.
  • Assistance with nursing care to patients who choose to remain at home.
  • Through our Welfare Fund we offer food vouchers to patients’ families who have difficulties in meeting their daily needs.
  • A daily visit by two of our members to Ward C12 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to take care of the patient’s basic needs.
  • A loan service of wheel chairs, walkers, hospital beds, commodes and bed pans to patients.
  • A podiatrist to give foot care to the patients on Ward C12 and a barber to shave the males and cut the patients’ hair on Ward C12.
  • Host a yearly conference to update and educate the medical community and the public on cancer diagnosis and treatment; past conference themes “Living with Cancer: From Bench to Bedside” and “Living with Cancer: My Life After Diagnosis”.
  • Conduct PSA Screening Clinics every six weeks.
  • Educational materials to families interested in learning more about their relative’s condition.
  • Conduct Annual Public Education Activities to educate our targeted communities about early detection and prevention of cancer.
  • Participation in Health Fairs and other avenues to disseminate information about cancer.